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Easy SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website

1. Provide Exceptional Content Users Want To Engage.

2. Use data analytics to discover what your site users love interacting with and deliver more content on that.

3. Make sure your website's content has correct keywords and key phrases.

4. Use Google keyword planner to discover top keywords and key phrases.

5. Google Trends is your friend. Search Google Trends to learn current trends in your industry and find hidden top keywords to target asap.

6. Update blogs several times weekly with keyword topics and new trends.

7. Post a blog feed on your Home page with blog post date.

8. Visually Appealing Videos, Pics or Graphics With Keywords in Your Alt Tags.

9. Add Meta tags in Website Head Section - This requires HTML Code.

10. Your website should be a Subject Matter Expert. Give your audience detailed information they can use about your services or products.

These are a few tips, I've used to get my clients listed on the 1st page of Google search and Maps for years. When SEO is done right, organic search traffic will continue for years. I have a case study where I started SEO work with a client 5 years ago. They're still listed on the 1st page of Google search for their keywords and tons of organic traffic still pours in without any current marketing ad spend.

If you would like help with SEO, or need us to take a look at your website. Leave a message.

I'm a Fullstack Marketer, MBA with over 10 years experience. I love helping businesses gain competitive advantage with strategic marketing. - Dave


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